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Studyportals 2020 Client NPS Score


Measuring customer satisfaction and gathering feedback is an important part of any business, it allows to understand how your customers feel about your products or services. At Studyportals we see client feedback as an essential part of improving our offered services and as an opportunity to grow and sustain relationships. In a year full of uncertainty, it is especially important to reach out and listen to customer feedback. 

To measure customer satisfaction and to gather feedback, at Studyportals we use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and survey, starting with the question “Would you recommend this service?”. It is a method to measure customer satisfaction as well as loyalty resulting in a score between -100 and +100. The score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. 

In 2017 and 2018 our NPS score was steady with a slight drop in 2019 when clients were more neutral in their feedback compared to 2020. In 2020 we scored an all-time high score of +61. Brands such as Apple and Samsung have scored 47 and 67 respectively, showing that we deliver services on the same level as these successful brands. This impressive NPS score reflects that our team places great emphasis on the success and satisfaction if its customers.  

‘A well-structured suite of affiliate sites. Very understanding and accommodating, particularly during difficult periods like 2020!’

Kaplan International languages, Australia




The feedback gained from the NPS survey provides insight into where we can improve. Bi-weekly, the feedback is shared internally, and – when relevant – we follow-up with the client to discuss the feedback in person. Recurring feedback from clients is used to improve and innovate our services in accordance with customers’ satisfaction needs.  


The three areas that our clients mention mostly as contributing to their satisfaction are:  

  1. Results: the students forwarded to their website, the leads, and the actual enrolments of students that were influenced by Studyportals to choose their institute.
  2. Studyportals team: our clients appreciate the expertise, the services and the overall experience delivered by our international team of account advisors and consultants.
  3. Reporting: the interest of students in the promoted degree programmes and the impacted enrolments are reported real-time via our client dashboard.    

Insightful client experiences and testimonials are used for marketing materials if the client has agreed on sharing comments publicly.

‘Studyportals is our most valued partner platform. The platform is actively engaged in facilitating and innovating the decison-making process that international students undergo before studying abroad. Since our collaboration, we have witnessed excellent results in terms of international student recruitment.’

ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management, France


‘The platform provides a good volume of quality traffic to our site, and the reporting system is easy to use, and tallies with the information I can see on my side, which certainly provides a degree of confidence I don’t always have with other listing sites like this.’


Based on our clients’ feedback we learned that areas to improve are our offerings for higher education institutes with lower tuition fees and funds, as well as the process for reviewing identified enrolments.   

Systems as an institution are good, but to improve it would mean less requirement on the institution to provide info on the enrolment process.’

University of Tasmania, Australia


We live in a customer-centric era, where delivering positive customer experience is the key to successful business. While the year of uncertainty has brought a lot of chaos, it also has brought opportunities for growth.  

Since 2019 Studyportals NPS score has increased significantly. The reason behind such increase and achieving NPS score of +61 is a result of our team focusing on delivering a great product and an exceptional experience to the clients.   

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