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Why more Ghanaian students are choosing US education


According to UNESCO, the US and UK together attract a third of all international students from Ghana. The trajectory of interest for each destination, however, is very different. 

The latest Open Doors report reveals a remarkable 31.6% surge in Ghanaian students selecting the United States as their preferred study destination over the past year. This upswing aligns with our data that shows a rise in the interest of Ghanaian students in US higher education institutions. Ranking as the 7th largest market in terms of relative interest in the US, Ghana has shown a 9.6% growth in the last 12 months and 10.7% in 2022. Since students start researching their study options 1-2 years in advance, the current data shows promising potential that the number of Ghanaian students going to the US may continue to rise. 

Given that English is Ghana’s primary language, Canada and the UK have also been experiencing growth in Ghanaian students in previous years. However, over the past year, the UK has seen a different shift. In contrast to the US, the UK has experienced a substantial decline in interest from Ghanaian students, due to  a large extent to restrictions on international students bringing dependents to the UK, thereby positioning the US favourably in the competitive landscape.

This heightened interest in the United States is further reinforced by the country’s proactive measures, including scholarships for Ghanaian students and the organization of college fairs within Ghana, hosted by the U.S. embassy. 


Digging deeper into students’ preferences, our data underscores that Health Science, Public Health, Nursing, and Mathematics are the primary fields of interest among Ghanaian students when considering their studies in the United States. 

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