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Unlocking potential through student ambassadors


Today’s potential students are often on the hunt for authenticity. However, this can be difficult for students to find when interacting with recruitment teams or employees of the school. This is where the role of an ambassador comes in. These student representatives are able to show a side of your school that is more accessible and authentic – just what these students are looking for. So – what do you need to know about ambassadors?

What is a student ambassador?

Student ambassadors are the voice and face of your institution and can provide a unique perspective. These ambassadors are meant to provide information on what it is like to be studying in your country and at your school. They can share with prospective students their favorite classes and the best spots to hang out with their new friends. They can speak to the culture and vibe of your school, providing insight that is difficult to share as the head of a University. Student Ambassadors can help to build confidence and make prospective students feel like they will belong in your classrooms.


Do student ambassadors really have an impact?

Absolutely! According to Unibuddy and Intead’s report, in Asia 51% of students said that chatting with an ambassador was helpful. In Africa this number rose to 69% and in Europe – 62%! But why is this so impactful? Students who are looking for a new school are looking for honest opinions and want to know how their experience will be – the good and the bad.  Peer to peer conversations can lead to honest communication where the prospective students feel like they can get a better grasp on how their experience will be.

Reaching students earlier in their journey, through student ambassadors, allows your institution to capture their interest and stay top of mind. It also allows universities to nurture relationships with students and build a community from the very start of their research journey.

So, now you are interested. But how can you use student ambassadors?

There are many ways that you can include ambassadors. Starting with simply having a contact option on your website for prospectives to reach out to. But the best way to begin – utilizing a chat function. This function can make it easier for students to access information they are looking for and get instantly connected with a current student who can help them answer their questions before they leave your site.

Platforms such as Unibuddy can help facilitate these types of conversations directly from Studyportals’ website, providing more opportunities for students to reach out in a manner that is most comfortable to them.

Students can interact with ambassadors based on shared interests, geographic locations, or country of origin. This allows them to ask all of the questions that can best be answered by a current student who most closely matches their own profile. By increasing authenticity and connecting with students directly, you can increase the enrolments within your classroom.

You can also include student ambassadors by encouraging them to create content for your social media. This content can highlight aspects of your school that may be interesting for prospective students. Think of content like student takeovers that highlight a day in the student life or a campus tour featuring the best spots to study at.  This type of content can provide an invaluable peek into what the future may hold for future students.

Are you still not sure of the benefits you can reap from an ambassador programme? Read how University of York was able to engage students throughout their journey to enrolment here.

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