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Using interactive online tools for student recruitment


You’ve likely been invited to use live chat on large online shopping websites or seen companies offering training for their own staff or clients using webinars. But have you ever considered using these tools for recruiting students?

Early adopters of webinars and live chat have been using them for years for different purposes, and they are now becoming more and more popular in international student recruitment as well. They are easy to use and you can access big audiences while conveying personalised messages. But beware! There are risks and pitfalls to be considered.

In EduCoach, an EU-funded project, StudyPortals, together with 8 partners, has set up a chat and webinar platform and like that gathered first hand experience in using interactive tools for advising prospective students in their study choice. In our recruitment guide we have collected insights from our own experiences as well as from universities using these technologies.

To learn about how to best use Live Chat and Webinars for recruiting international students, you can download the Online Recruitment Guide below. You can find further information on running a successful webinar and soon you will find additional information about the specific target groups we focused on during the project.


Guide to using live chat and webinars to recruit international students

Webinar tips for presenters

Top 5 tips to host a successful webinar

Host your own webinar

You can now also host your own webinar with StudyPortals. Just contact us to find out how.

Examples from the EduCoach project

EduCoach Live Chat Window on StudyPortals:

Webinar Page2.PNG

EduCoach Webinar Interface:

Webinar Page.PNG

You can learn more about the EduCoach Project on

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