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Why listing your programmes with Studyportals is good for your SEO


Putting extensive effort into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a necessity for higher educational websites to reach out to more students in the most organic way. The synergy Studyportals and our university clients create together does not only benefit the students around the world, but also increases the university’s online presence. 

Students from all over the world are increasingly looking for international study options. With its various platforms, Studyportals has provided information to more than 45 million visitors in 2020. As one of the leading listing and comparison sites for higher education, you can find plenty of benefits, such as an increased exposure of your courses to international students. Even the leading search engine Google has confirmed this trend: 

The student decision journey has moved online. One in ten prospective students now search exclusively online for classes and programs. To tap digital opportunities, marketers need to reach students in the right channels – and look beyond traditional enrollment periods – with a constant presence online. 

By Google and Compete study. 

Here’s the top three SEO benefits of listing your programmes with Studyportals 

  1. Enhance backlink profile

Search engines, such as Google use tools like ‘Google PageRank’ to determine a page’s relevance for the user. This relevance is partially based on backlinks, which means it counts the number and quality of links to a webpage to estimate the importance and authority of the website. In most cases, higher ranking websites are likely to have more links from other authoritative websites, such as major publishers and official governmental organizations. It is similar to the voting system, if a website receives a lot of “votes” from other websites, it sends the signal to the search engine that the website is reliable and trustworthy. 

Having a link from Studyportals to your website will enhance your backlink profile and increase the authority of your own institute. Studyportals’ powerful backlink profile consist of considerable number of links from many unique and authoritative domains, such as The Guardian, The Washington Post, British Council, The European Commission and much more. Thus, linking your websites to ours will increase your Google ranking, which also attracting more traffic from search engines. 

  1. Rank higher with relevant keywords

Studyportals is dedicated to provide valuable and relevant content to our visitors. Therefore, we rank highly on Google search results with relevant keywords, such as master’s degree in Europe, bachelor of Engineering or MBA in United States. Having your programmes listed on our websites will reveal to search engines the linking relationship between us and also rank higher with relevant keywords, then boost up your search result ranking in return. 

  1. Higher click through rate on search results

Studyportals is an online influencer in the higher education industry. Having your study programmes on Studyportals increases your exposure to our website’s audience. However, your university homepage itself might be found by students, who are looking for a university that offers specific courses or is located in a certain region. Studyportals enables international students to directly find and compare programmes from several universities before they consider to choose for the best suitable option. In addition, your university’s reputation will be boosted as well as the visibility on search results and therefore the number of potential students enrolling at your university will be increased. 

  1. Great User Experience

Search engines do not only value our extensive content, but also they way this content is perceived by our visitors. Studyportal scores high on important ranking factors like Mobile Usability, Core web Vitals and Security. This works both ways: search engines such as Google give our results good positions and for students it’s delightful to check out the study information for your university. 

Studyportals uses similar or identical content as published on your university website. We base our content on what is available on your website and in your prospectus. If you are worried about having identical content on various locations, you are of course welcome to provide us with different programme description or create a University Administration Account with Studyportals to edit and share your programme information with our visitors. 

In the words of Matt Cutts, head of the web spam team at Google, said that 25 to 30 percent of all the content on the web is duplicate content and emphasizes: Duplicate content won’t hurt you unless it is spam. Besides not every single duplicated content on the web is spam. If Google made that assumption, the changes that happened as a result would probably rather hurt than help the search quality of users. 

Therefore, by listing your university’s programmes with Studyportals, you will receive many SEO benefits that immensely increases the access to your website for potential international students as well as enhances your university’s reputation and awareness in the student community on the web. 

Together we can help millions of students across the world to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad! 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about this or other search engine related issues – we are glad to provide you with more insights. 

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