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Global Study Awards announces its latest winners



Jingbang Luan from China and Ozioma Nsaka from Nigeria were selected out of thousands of applicants to win an award of £10,000 for their outstanding contribution to society coupled with their strong commitment to developing their career.

Now in their fourth year, The Global Study Awards are designed to encourage and support more students to study overseas to further their intercultural understanding, enhance their career development and to promote international exchange. Ozioma impressed the judges with his desire to impact the entire African continent by developing novel solutions to improve the efficiency of renewable energy systems.  Likewise, Jingbang enthused judges with his past experience of building an online communication platform to strengthen the relationship between his university and its students.  Ozioma is using his prize money to study Electrical Engineering, MSEE, at the University of Houston, USA, while Jingbang will use his award to study a Master of Public Policy (MPP) at Oxford University, UK. Ozioma and Jingbang join the fifteen other winners to date of these prestigious awards.

Ozioma said:

“At first, winning this scholarship was one dream I found too big to dream. However, sharing my motivations, goals, and aspirations with the Global study award Judges, was one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had.  They were very excited and listened passionately about the impact I have made in my local community and how I intend to further my professional career. Without a doubt, this award will enrich and enhance my overall experience. I am deeply committed to pursuing my goals, vision and most of all making the Global Study group proud for truly believing in me.”

Each Global Study Award is merit-based and aimed at students above 18 who plan to enrol in a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate programme in any country worldwide. The latest award winners will join the prestigious list of past Global Study Award winners from Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Palestine territories, Taiwan, and Uganda. To date, the winners have chosen to study abroad in Australia, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States.

Applications are now open for the students wishing to study abroad in September/October 2018. Further information can be found on the Global Study Awards page.

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About The Global Study Awards

The Global Study Awards is an exciting initiative launched by British Council IELTS, International Student Identity Card and Studyportals. The Global Study Awards are available to prospective students in all countries worldwide, and enable the successful candidates to study abroad on any chosen undergraduate or postgraduate programme at a higher education institution. More information on the Global Study Award is available here.

Inspiring videos of previous winners are available here.

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