Carmen Neghina
8 years ago

The seventh StudyPortals Scholarship beneficiary


Toni Franken is the seventh beneficiary of the 1,000 € Scholarship, which is awarded by StudyPortals every quarter. She is from the United States of America and has been selected from over 600 applicants to receive the Scholarship, awarded in the first quarter of 2015. She impressed us with her immense passion for biology and animals, translated in excellent academic results, but also with her pleasant, genuine personality and interest in being socially involved outside of the university, as well.

Toni is currently wrapping up her BSc. in Animal and Veterinary Science, at Clemson University in South Carolina and will continue her studies in Scotland, starting with fall 2015.

She has shared with us where her passion for veterinary sciences originated and what her motivation for studying abroad is:

“My dream for almost as long as I can remember has been to become a veterinarian. Until the last two years, when I discovered the University of Glasgow, Scotland, I hadn’t really thought about going abroad for my veterinary studies. Yet, as soon as I listened to a speaker for the University, I knew that it was an opportunity that I couldn’t ignore! Since that moment, going abroad is something that has driven me to reach further than I ever thought I could, and pushed me to explore what is out there.

Getting my degree from the University of Glasgow would mean that I would be able to practice veterinary medicine anywhere in the world, and would offer me the priceless opportunity to explore places outside of the United States. I feel that this will make me a more well-rounded, educated individual with a broader idea of what it means to be a veterinarian and member of society on a global scale, not simply a national one.”

Nevertheless, studying abroad is a lot of times jeopardized by limited financial resources. Toni has done all she could to ensure funding will not stand in the way of pursuing her studies in Europe.

“This year, I had the chance to apply to the University of Glasgow a year early, and to my immense delight, I was accepted to begin schooling there in the fall of 2015! While this opportunity was incredibly exciting, one of the largest things standing in my way has been funding. Already, as an out of state student in undergraduate school, I’ve spent and borrowed so much, and going overseas is further pushing the boundaries of what is financially feasible for myself and my family.

To compensate, I’ve begun to apply to scholarships, grants, various jobs, and other opportunities, in hopes that this burden will be somewhat lifted, and I’m so grateful to Study Portals for being a part of this learning process for me! With the help of this scholarship to pay for my tuition, I’m proving to myself that it is possible to achieve your goals, even when difficult obstacles stand in your way.”

She is convinced anyone with a true ambition to study abroad can succeed, as long as they show dedication and perseverance, and benefit from the support of the people around them:

“You just have to put in the effort, and you can make your dreams a reality. I’m grateful in every way for this opportunity, my friends and family supporting me, and for the adventure that going abroad is sure to bring.”

Congratulations, Toni! We wish you all the best in your studies and we hope your story will inspire others to also choose (for) education. It is a real example that true passion for education and self-development finds no obstacle high enough!


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