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10 years ago

International student satisfaction in Europe 2014


Have you ever wondered what international students see as important when they are studying abroad? How important academic aspects are compared to the atmosphere of city they are studying in? Or even if external factors like the weather make a difference?

The answers to all these questions can be found in a new report on international student satisfaction by Studyportals. The 2014 report Key influencers of International Student Satisfaction gives a unique insight into what students think about studying abroad, gained by analysing comments made by international students on the student experience exchange platform, allows students to give their study abroad experience a score out of 10, and then give their reasons for giving that score – essentially revealing whether or not they were happy with the experience, and why. With thousands of these comments available, it was possible to make an in-depth analysis of what international students in Europe are content with, and where they would like to see improvements.

As well as giving us an idea of general student satisfaction, the report also allows us to find out which are the most highly rated universities in Europe, as well as the top universities for student satisfaction in each country. Based on this, we will be giving aStudyportals Award for International Student Satisfaction to those universities which have achieved very high student ratings. The award is given only to universities that received sufficient reviews and consistently achieved outstanding to very good student reviews on Studyportals’ study experience website The winning institutes are divided by country (country winners) and located all over Europe.

International student satisfaction in Europe 2014

International students are overall very satisfied with their study abroad experience. This conclusion comes from this study that incorporates 16,427 comments made by 6,923 students on the student experience exchange platform Almost seven out of ten international students surveyed would rate their experience with a 9 or 10 out of 10 when asked if they would recommend it to their friends. Only 8% gave a score below 6. This highly positive response shows that studying abroad is overall considered to be a very positive experience, though there are still areas for improvement.

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International Student Satisfaction in Europe 2014

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